Chairman of the Board George J. Lee, Ph.D.

Dr. Lee received his bachelor of agronomy at National Taiwan University and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the State University of New York. He is a world-renowned expert in analytical chemistry and is a lead author and participant in the development and commercialization of many new drugs. In addition to serving as Chairman of the Company, Dr. Lee is also a partner of Amkey Venture from the United States. He specializes in investing in biomedical fields and has successfully invested in nearly 15 US bio-pharmaceutical companies.。

General managerWilliam Fu

Graduated from Accounting & Statistical Dept. of Cheng Kung University Vice president, director and supervisor of board in Li shin International Enterprise Corp.President of Embedded Technology Corp. and Neutek International Corp.

ConsultantJiang Shiming, Veterinarian

Dr. Jiang graduated from the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Taiwan University. After graduation he served as a clinical veterinarian surgeon at his alma mater school. Dr. Jiang then founded the baby animal hospital, Bao Xin Co., Ltd. in Taipei City. After, he received his Masters of Veterinary Medicine (EMBA) from the National Taiwan University of Business. Soon after, Dr. Jiang was elected to be the Chairman of the University of Science and Technology in Taipei City, Chairman of the Federation of Veterinary Surgeons of the Republic of China, Vice President and President of the Association of Asian and Pacific Veterinary Associations (FAVA), Vice President of the World Association of Veterinary Surgeons (WVA), and will take over as President in 2017-2019. In accordance with his long-term efforts and rich veterinarian knowledge, Dr. Jiang will lead Genepharm’s R&D team to innovate new pet medicines and improve the existing shortage of animal drugs.